APP distilled bitumen waterproofing membrane with dual reinforcement

Prefabricated modified polymer bitumen membrane composed of polyolefin thermoplastic stereospecific polymers with high molecular weight and special distilled bitumens, with excellent characteristics of resistance to ageing and phase inversion (type APP), already attested by the Technical Certificate of suitability n° 630/04 issued by the ITC. These built in elements, integrating themselves, enhance the excellent qualities of flexibility, lightness, adhesion, resistance to ageing and to UV rays of the PRATIKO P+V membrane.
On request a PRATIKO P+V VIADUCT ANTI ROOT version is available for green roof applications. The compound has a special chemical additive (PREVENTOL B2 BAYER) which provides the membrane with high resistance to root penetration, aggressive chemical agents such as fertilizers, weedkillers, etc. The anti root resistance of the product does not harm the health or life of the plants. The anti root additive does not wash out with water, and remain permanently active.
The FIRE RESISTANT version is manufactured with special inorganic non toxic fire retardant additives which confer to the product a fire resistance which conforms to the European directives in this field.