APP distilled bituminous waterproofing membrane

Prefabricated modified polymer bitumen membrane composed of polyolefin thermoplastic stereospecific polymers with high molecular weight and special distilled bitumens, with excellent characteristics of resistance to ageing and phase inversion. These built in elements, integrating themselves, enhance the excellent qualities of flexibility, lightness, adhesion, resistance to ageing and to UV rays of the PRATIKO G200 MINERAL membrane. The particular reinforcement used in PRATIKO G200 MINERAL, that is a woven fiberglass tissue, confer to the product exceptional mechanical characteristics and excellent dimensional stability. The PRATIKO G200 MINERAL membrane is finished on the upper face with a special white mineral with good reflective capacities, besides extending the life expectancy of the membrane, its reduces heat buildup both on the external surface as well as inside the building with a reasonable savings in terms of energy consumption. The emissivity of the PRATIKO G200 MINERAL furthermore favors the dissipation of accumulated heat during the night.